Denver CO Concealed Carry Class 4/27 1pm

Denver CO Concealed Carry Class 4/27 1pm

48.00 118.00

50% OFF Colorado Conceal Carry Class with Sign Language Interpreters
- Bring a friend for FREE ages 11+

-Learn About Firearm Laws, Use & Ownership from Certified Instructors
-Learn The Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
-Learn about Different Pistols and which One is Right for You!
-Colorado Firearm Law Use and Ownership Course PowerPoint
-Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit Application
-Certificate of Completion to get your Conceal Carry Permit
-By Completing this Level 1 Class You Get the Option to take the Private Level 2 advanced class on the Shooting Range

You and a friend will receive a certificate to apply for your Conceal Carry License!

This Class is NOT Women Only!!!!!

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