Leah D.

My friend and I took jesse's class in denver and purchased a 1 hour training session with him on the range.  the class was entertaining, informative and thorough.  i appreciate the opportunity to shoot with jesse and have hands on training.

Ali S.

If memory serves me correctly, I think that this may only be my second review I have ever written, and that should say something in it of itself.  Jesse is knowledgeable, patient and really took his time with each one of the students.  He is considerate in realizing that some people are nervous and hesitant when it comes to the shooting portion.  My concern going in was that someone so knowledgeable would look down on people with little to zero knowledge...simply not the case!  I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to learn more or even people starting from scratch.  Thanks, Jesse!

Molly E.

Myself and 5 of my girl friends took the women only concealed carry class and 3 of us also took a private shooting lesson with Jesse. I would highly recommend both and we learned so much! He is so knowledgeable with guns and really makes you think about the responsibility you carry by giving different scenarios and making you think. As an instructor he is patient, answers questions, and made us laugh a lot. He’s great with communication and definitely is passionate about the service he provides, which makes this company  one of a kind!

Victoria S.

My mom and I attended the Woman's Only Concealed Carry event a few weeks ago and I would recommend this class to everyone! Jesse was a great teacher. Very informative, collected, funny, relaxing, and down to earth. I've been taught to shoot before but not anything like this. Honestly, everybody needs this class. The more informed and practiced you are with firearms the better this world will be. If you're contemplating taking it, TAKE IT! It'll do you some good :)